Raising Funds for a Live Eagle Cam at the Pembroke Pines Eagle Nest


  Pride in the Tree & Joy in the nest With there 2 Little Eaglets 2/05/2014
Pride & Joy and Babies
South Florida Pines Eagle Nest , Inc . main goal is to promote the re-population and conservation of American bald eagles in South Florida. Through the efforts of this website and other sources, we hope to inspire, educate, and raise awareness for the American bald eagles that have decided to share their home in South Florida with us.



bald-eagle-nest-cam-30We’ve taken focus on the American bald eagle nest that is located in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Our mission is to raise enough funds by October 2014 to purchase and install a live eagle cam above the eagle’s nest.

Why October 2014 you might ask? The eagle’s come back to their nesting area every October.

By federal law, the tree can not be touched or altered while they are nesting. Because of this, it’s our goal to raise enough funds to have the live eagle cam installed while the eagle’s are not using it.

We are attempting to raise $25,000 to fund this project from nature lovers like you!

We understand that it will take a lot of donations, so we ask that you please share this website and our FACEBOOK PAGE to give this project and the eagle’s nest as much exposure as possible

To view our progress for this projects funds, please visit our PROUD SPONSORS page.

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Right now, all observations of the eagle’s nest are made from the ground from high definition cameras from eagle nest visitors. If you would like see more photos of the eagle’s nest, please visit our PEMBROKE PINES EAGLE NEST PHOTOS.


eagle nest camIn order to conserve the habitats of the American bald eagles and their nests, further attempts at research must be made.

Our current project is to raise enough funds to install a LIVE EAGLE CAM.

The live eagle cam would be made possible through a robotic high definition video camera installed above the Pembroke Pines eagle’s nest. This camera would broadcast, capture and archive the live feed and photos of the eagle’s nest in Pembroke Pines.

Through use of the live eagle cam, researchers can monitor the eagle’s behavior and provide students with material for research projects.

To learn more about South Florida Pines Eagle Nest’s project, please read ABOUT THE PROJECT.

If you would like to help support these beautiful animals, please read more about HOW YOU CAN HELP.





The eagle nest in Pembroke Pines is very busy this fall as Pride and Joy are preparing for another breeding season.

bald-eagle-nest-cam-40One of our primary goals at South Florida Pines Eagle Nest, Inc . is to educate fellow South Floridians the importance of conservation. Through the efforts of conservation, Florida can and will continue to return to it’s natural state bringing more native species back to our beautiful home.

We must respect and be mindful of these all animals and their habitats as they are vital to Florida’s ecosystem.

Since the Pembroke Pines Eagles are currently nesting, they are extremely active at their nest. We must remind visitors of the Pembroke Pines Eagle Nest to be extremely careful when going to see the birds as they are very territorial.

For your and the eagle’s safety, we must ask visitors to the Pembroke Pines Eagle Nest to avoid going near the fence closest to the nest. The fence is pictured above with the Protected Bird Site sign posted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Please help preserve the eagle’s presence by respecting their territory and staying away from fencing.




Lead poisoning is one of the biggest causes of death for American Bald Eagles. Most cases of lead are due to humans introducing it into the eagle’s habitats.

Since the eagle population is increasing, more cases of lead poisoning are being reported than before. We must educate ourselves and others on what can be done to stop lead poisoning.

Please watch and share this video about Lead Poisoned Eagles for more information.